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For the identically-named accessory set sold following Saige Copeland's retirement, see Saige's Parade Hat and Helmet.


Riding Helmet and Hat.

The Riding Helmet and Hat is a Just Like You outfit released in 2014 and retired in 2017. It is the complementary set to the Western Plaid Outfit and the Pretty Pink Riding Outfit. Retail cost was $24.


Pink and black plastic riding helmet. Elastic straps connect with a black plastic buckle.


Beige woven hat with wide brims. Pink suede braided trim around base of hat also comes through holes to serve as a chinstrap. Two sides connect in the middle with a beige plastic bead that can be adjusted. Both straps are knotted on the end.


  • This set was separated into the Riding Helmet and Western Hat in 2017. The helmet is a red variation of this helmet and the hat is identical.

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