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Felicity's Riding Habit and Hat.

The Riding Habit and Hat (also known as Felicity's Riding Habit) was introduced to Felicity's Collection in 1993, rereleased in 2005, and retired in 2010 with Felicity's archival. The outfit is seen in Felicity: An American Girl Adventure. Retail cost was $28 ($24 for the PC original release).


Forest green long sleeved jacket, or waistcoat. Pointed collar with gold embroidered curls. Iridescent green front placket. Gold trim and non functional gold buttons on placket and upturned cuffs (slight interfacing on turned front panels and sleeves in Mattel version.) Attached peplum; trim only on front panels of peplum. Velcros in the front at placket.


Forest green ankle length skirt. Iridescent waistband; knife pleated at front and back. Simple hem. Velcros at sides, creating slits when closed.


Black flocked/velvet tricorn hat. Gold loop trim at upturned brim. Gold cord at brim tied to right and leaving two tails; attached plume of varied feathers at left.


Felicity's Riding Habit and Hat, 1993 version.

  • This outfit exists in two versions. Pleasant Company released the first version in 1993. It was made of a thicker wool, with gold studs for the buttons and no interfacing. Mattel retired the first Riding Outfit during Felicity's reduction and later reissued it for Felicity's movie in 2005. The new version is made of thinner acrylic felt and has round buttons instead of studs, but is otherwise identical.
  • The outfit is mentioned and seen in the book Changes for Felicity, but is never worn by Felicity in the Central Series.

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