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Felicity's Riding Breeches and Hat (with her shift).

Felicity's Riding Breeches and Hat was introduced to Felicity's Collection in 1998 and retired in 2003. The outfit is tied to the book Meet Felicity. Retail cost was $15.

Riding Breeches[]

Black cotton-cloth breeches. The breeches are trimmed with shiny gold buttons. There are two buttons at the waist, two on the front flap, and three at the lower cuffs. The buttons at the waist are functional; buttons are non-functional at the cuffs below the knees and front flap which all close with Velcro.

These are displayed most often worn over Felicity's shift.

Tri-Cornered Hat[]

Black felt tri-cornered hat. Edged with berry-colored ribbon.

This was never seen or alluded to in the books.



Felicity's Riding Breeches and Hat in the Wishes catalog.

  • Before being retired, the outfit was available at the American Girl online store at a price of $5.[1]
  • Felicity only wears the breeches while training Penny, along with her shift; they are not a casual outfit for her.
  • While the breeches were advertised as belonging to Benjamin Davidson, the ones that were made are fitted to Felicity below the knee and thus not accurate to the story. [2]
  • In the books, the breeches are made of "fine India cotton" and are Ben's best breeches, normally worn for church on Sundays.


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  2. Ben's breeches are stated as being too long for her in Meet Felicity: Ben was skinny but tall, so the breeches went down to Felicity's ankles.