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Ribbons for Kirsten.

Ribbons for Kirsten were introduced to Kirsten's Collection in 1991 and retired in 2002(?). Retail cost was $5 and later increased to $6.

Blue Ribbons

Medium blue woven ribbons. Identical to the ribbons in her meet outfit.

Dark Blue Ribbons

Dark blue woven ribbons. Identical to the School Dress with Shawl ribbons (and also the Kirsten's Checked Dress and Apron ribbons).

Beige Ribbons

Light beige woven ribbons. Similar to the Kirsten's Work Dress ribbons.

Red Ribbons

Red woven ribbons. Identical to the Saint Lucia Gown ribbons.

Multicolored Ribbons

Woven ribbons. Black with white borders. White and red embroidered flowers with opposite colored centers. Green leaves between flowers.

Identical to the Winter Skirt and Blouse ribbons.