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Ribbons for Kirsten.

Ribbons for Kirsten were introduced to Kirsten's Collection in 1991 and retired in 2002(?). Retail cost was $5 and later increased to $6.

Blue Ribbons[]

Medium blue woven ribbons. Identical to the ribbons in her meet outfit.

Dark Blue Ribbons[]

Dark blue woven ribbons. Identical to the School Dress with Shawl ribbons (and also the Kirsten's Checked Dress and Apron ribbons).

Beige Ribbons[]

Light beige woven ribbons. Similar to the Kirsten's Work Dress ribbons.

Red Ribbons[]

Red woven ribbons. Identical to the Saint Lucia Gown ribbons.

Multicolored Ribbons[]

Woven ribbons. Black with white borders. White and red embroidered flowers with opposite colored centers. Green leaves between flowers.

Identical to the Winter Skirt and Blouse ribbons.