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Rhonda Hathaway is a friend of Caroline Abbott.

Basic Facts[]

Personality and Facts[]

Rhonda is twelve years old and close in age to Lydia Livingston. She is taller than Caroline, with auburn hair. Caroline thinks that she dresses very fancy, but this is partially because she is expected to as the daughter of an army officer. Rhonda acts more "adult" than Caroline. At first, she and Caroline do not get along--especially when Caroline feels that Rhonda is intruding on her life---but they soon become friends.

Rhonda and her family are originally from Albany, New York. Due to her father's job as an army lieutenant, the Hathaways have frequently moved from place to place in order to stay together.

Rhonda knows how to make lace.


In The Books[]

Caroline's Secret Message[]

Rhonda and her family arrive in Sackets Harbor. They have traveled with Lieutenant Hathaway, and Mrs. Hathaway explains that they have been seeking lodging for an hour since arriving but that all other places are full. They are given lodging by the Abbotts.

Caroline is surprised by her elegant dress--a high waisted green gown with eggshell lace. Rhonda makes Caroline feel poorly at first, given that she can see her father and her citylike ways, and Caroline finds her rude.

Rhonda and her mother go to see Caroline and Mama Abbott off. Caroline tries to have a conversation about the village, but Rhonda is rude, saying that the village is tiny enough that there is no way to get lost. At the shipyard, Rhonda mentions Mr. Tate as someone to take Caroline's father's place, which infuriates Caroline and causes a quarrel. When Caroline and her mother return, Caroline is upset not only that Lieutenant Hathaway is there but that Rhonda is petting Inkpot, and so she does not apologize. Rhonda is cool to her as they do chores together; while they do not argue, they do not share stories or laugh.

For Caroline's birthday, she does her hair in a fancy style. As she is styling her hair, she and Caroline apologize for the quarrel in the shipyard. Rhonda explains that she dresses elegant as her mother says it's expected of her as an officer's daughter, and she wishes she had more practical clothing. She also explains that she is envious of Caroline and her papa, as her father does not do those kinds of things with her. As a gift, Rhonda gives Caroline lace to trim her blue dress and even offers to teach her how to make lace.

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