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Felicity's Rescue Kit.

The Rescue Kit (also known as Felicity's Rescue Kit) was introduced to Felicity's Collection in 1992 and retired in 2003. The set is associated with the book Felicity Saves The Day. Retail cost was $18.

Gathering Basket[]

Wicker woven gathering basket with large handle.


Brown leather pocketbook. It has two pockets for holding papers and two flaps that cover the pockets. The flaps have cut zigzag edges and red embroidery.



Elizabeth's letter to Felicity.

A script-written letter printed on parchment paper. It is folded in thirds. Measures 2" x 2 3/4". Text as follows:

August 5th, 1775[1]

My Dear Felicity

Thank you for the favour of your last letter delivered to my hand yesterday with the news of such surpassing Joy. Penny, your dear Horse, has been returned to you. My Heart fills with Happiness; indeed, I believe my Delight is second only to yours, for I am and always will be,

Your most affectionate
and loving Friend
Elizabeth Cole

P.S. Remember me to your Mother and Grandfather. I hope they are well.

Newspaper Clipping[]


The Rescue Kit's newspaper clipping.

Newspaper clipping from a classified ad for Benjamin Davidson. It is printed on thicker ivory paper and has jagged edges. It measures approximately 2.5" x 1 3/8". Text as follows:[2]

Williamsburg, August 19, 1775

Run away from the Subscriber, on the 15th Day of August, an Apprentice Lad named Benjamin Davidson, 6 Feet high, about 16 year old, slender and well made, of a clear complexion, has long brown hair, brown eyes, a forthright look, and frank manner. I have reason to believe he is headed Yorktown way. Whoever delivers the said Apprentice to me shall have eight dollars Reward; and I hearby forewarn all persons not to harbour or entertain him.

Edward Merriman.

There are truncated texts around the clipping of other ads.



Yorktown Map

Drawn map showing the path leading from King's Creek Plantation to Yorktown. It is printed on beige parchment paper and folded in half. Measures 2" x 3".


Long sprigs of plastic lavender plants that can be held in the basket. Each sprig has a long flexible green stem. Clear string extends from the stem in various places with ivory petals at the bottom, purple petals above it, and small red textured pieces on top.

Witch Hazel[]

Green witch hazel cloth plant. In the photo above, it is under the lavender in the basket.


Heavy silver metal mortar bowl. Holds pestle.


Wooden grinding pestle.


  1. These are in the letter on the same line with the greeting first and spacing between them. As wiki formatting has limitations, they are separated.
  2. There are full-word capitalizations that are not being replicated in this transcription for ease of reading.