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Replacement parts are individual parts of an outfit or accessory set that may be offered by American Girl separately.

Reasons to Order[]

Small parts can often be lost or easily damaged in standard play, such as hair clips, tights, shoes, belts, or papers. They can also be missing from secondhand purchases. Rather than having to repurchase the entire set or outfit for one lost piece, consumers can attempt to purchase the lost part individually directly from the company if the set is still available.

Some collectors may only want one or two specific parts of an outfit or playset, and so will attempt to contact the company to order just the replacement part; American Girl can refuse purchase if there is no record of purchasing the item previously.

Sometimes, when items are retired, the parts will remain afterwards for replacement for a short time. This is not always cheaper than purchasing the item as a complete set if this is still available.

With the BeForever relaunch, new outfits sold separately did not come with hair ribbons or clips; some, such as Kit's hair clip, may be available as a replacement part.

Purchase Policy[]

American Girl does not sell replacement parts directly on the site, and any purchasers must call in to purchase items separately.

Over the years, American Girl has been fairly willing to sell replacement parts, depending upon the individual customer service representatives and the availability of parts. American Girl can limit purchases of any item to any person at any time, especially to people who purchasing replacement parts for items that are part of the Girls of the Year line.