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Christmas Recital Outfit

Recital Outfit I with Violin and Stand, as shown on Just Like You 12.

The Recital Outfit I (also known as the Christmas Recital Outfit) is an American Girl of Today outfit released in 1996 and retired in 1999. Retail cost was $24.


Pleated black satin skirt with three-tiered black and gold striped waist band; Velcro closure.


Black fitted cropped dress jacket with collared black satin lapels and double-pointed front hem; each "point" features two black, diagonal, non-functional buttons. Jacket has straight long sleeves, is lined in black and is meant to be worn open.


White, long-sleeved, pleated cotton shirt with ruffled shoulders and pleated wrist cuffs; pointed-lapel shirt features an irremovable black and gold striped bow tie in the same material as the waistband of the skirt, and three small gold studs, which match the studs on the shoes. Velcro wrist cuffs and Velcro back closure.


Thin black polyester tights with a see-through diamond patterning; a thick black vertical line runs the entire length back of tights.


Shiny black patent ballet flats trimmed with black ribbon; features two small gold studs on top, which match the gold studs on the blouse.


Pleated black satin headband with black satin bow; bow has a golden rosebud button at its center and features a shiny golden tassel. Headband is meant to be worn at the temple so tassel hangs straight down. Velcro closure.

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