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Recess Play Set

The Recess Play Set.

The Recess Play Set is a Hopscotch Hill School accessory set. It was released in 2003 and retired in 2006. Retail price was $24.

Hula Hoop[]

Clear plastic hula hoop.

Jump Rope[]

Orange jump rope with purple plastic flowers on the handles


Light blue plastic bat with red "tape" at handle.


White plastic ball with small indents to replicate a wiffle ball.

Batting Tee[]

Light yellow plastic batting tee. Stand is pink and yellow and is shaped like a baseball plate. Hopscotch Hill School logo is printed on top. Purple flower on top of the batting tee that matches the one on the jump rope handles.

Hopscotch Hill Recess Play Set

The Recess Play Set with Logan and Skylar in the School Spirit Outfit and Gym Class Outfit.

Toss Toy[]

Pink and black star-shaped toss toy that can be used to play hopscotch or can be used as an eraser.

Rubber Ball[]

Orange rubber ball with green and red strawberry decorations.

Activity Mat[]

Reversible vinyl activity mat. Green side has faux field with baseball diamond and a hopscotch game in the middle of the field shaped like the number 9. Blacktop side of mat has hopscotch, four square, a connect the dots game, and tic-tac-toe.


Purple vinyl carrying case with red handle and zipper. Yellow and red flower on the front with the Hopscotch Hill School logo.