Rebecca to the Rescue is the fifth book in Rebecca's series.


Chapter-by-Chapter Summary

Chapter One: A Bar Mitzah Celebration

Chapter Two: Steeplechase - The Funny Place

Chapter Three: Thrills, Chills, and Skills

Chapter Four: Striking Out Alone

Chapter Five: Reaching New Heights

Looking Back: America Outdoors in 1914

Discusses how New Yorkers spent time outdoors in the 1910s. Topics covered:

  • The rising popularity of seaside visits, as it was becoming easier for families to take trips to the beach and other outdoor destinations.
  • Coney Island's stance as the biggest and most popular seaside resort, and the variety of games and acts people could see at the park.
  • The different areas of Coney Island, such as Steeplechase Park and Luna Park, where visitors could see re-creations of exotic locations.
  • Regular people finding themselves contributing to Coney Island's entertainment while they broke the rules they lived by daily.
  • The yearning most people had with escaping the strict rules of the early 1900s, with Coney Island serving as a place where they could act silly and crazy in public.
  • Feelings of equality visitors felt at Coney Island, where everyone could enjoy the same games and activities, regardless of class, age or citizenship.


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