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Rebecca and the Movies is the fourth book in the Rebecca series.



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Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Max's Magic

Chapter Two: A New World

Chapter Three: Kidlet on the Set

Chapter Four: Music Wherever She Goes

Looking Back: Growing Up in 1914

Discusses childhood and the movie industry during the 1910s. Topics covered:

  • The average size of families in the 1910s, and the games city children played in the streets, such as jacks, hopscotch, and stickball.
  • Movies as a popular form of entertainment, with comedies, dramas, and newsreels being common genres for movie theaters to screen for audiences.
  • The low opinion people had for movie actors and movies as an art form compared to stage actors and productions, despite movie actors and movies earning more money.
  • Mary Pickford and Theda Bara, two popular silent film actresses of the 1910s, and Helen Badgley, a successful silent film child actress.
  • The migration of movie studios from New York and New Jersey to Hollywood, California, as the state had a milder climate and better lighting all year round.
  • The founding and origins of major American movie studios by Jewish immigrants who were eager for new businesses and opportunities.

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Similarities of the Cleopatra posters illustrated in the book and the 1917 film.