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The Rebecca Rubin Doll with The Sound of Applause.

The Rebecca Rubin doll was released in May 2009 and updated in Fall 2014 with BeForever.


  • Face Mold: Josefina Mold
  • Skin: Light
  • Hair: Light brown, curly, side part, no bangs
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Brows: Feathered

Meet Outfit

Classic Edition

Rebecca with Meet Rebecca. (2009-2014)

Rebecca's meet outfit is intended to imitate the still conservative dress like fashions of the mid-1910s. In Meet Rebecca, it is mentioned this dress was from a mail-order catalog with the description "[r]ich garnet tweed for the sophisticated young lady."

After the launch of BeForever, the set was sold (minus hair accessories) as Rebecca's Classic Outfit for $36.


Red tweed drop waist dress. Black velvet collar, cuffs, and belt loops. Gold button trims. Velcros up the back.


Black stockings.


Off white and black high button shoes. Black shiny toes. Four black nonfunctional buttons on sides. Velcro up the back. These are similar to the ones that came with Samantha's Middy Outfit.


White bloomers.

Hair Clip

Oval gold hair clip. Black backing.

BeForever Version

Rebecca's BeForever Meet Outfit.

The BeForever Outfit for Rebecca was available alone for $36. Again, it is mentioned in the text of The Sound of Applause, now as "[r]ich violet tweed."


Purple tweed asymmetrical jacket with three-quarters sleeves and side closure. White dotted swiss Peter Pan collar. White dotted print cuffs. Four gold and purple pearl decorative buttons down left side. Purple velvet ribbon around waist; velvet bow on left side with diagonal ends. Velcros down front left.


Purple pleated tweed knee length skirt. Subtle chevron print. White undershirt attached.

Historically this was still considered a skirt, even with an attached undershirt.


Black tights.


Plum velvet Mary Janes. Black soles. Velcro closure.


White bloomers. Unchanged from Classic outfit.

Hair Clip

Oval plastic gold hair clip. Black backing.

This is not included when the outfit is purchased separately, and is not changed from the Classic outfit.

Meet Accessories

Classic Edition

Rebecca's Accessories.


Black velveteen soft hat with gold and red silk ribbon in a bow.


Multicolored fringed shawl.


Brooch with rabbit and flowers. The brooch belonged to Bubbie, who brought it with her on her journey to America. The rabbit comes from the Russian folk tale Clever Karina, where Karina rides to the Tsar on a giant rabbit as a solution to his riddle.

BeForever Version

Rebecca's BeForever Meet Accessories.




Third Version

Rebecca's Third Meet Accessories.

Rebecca's third set of Meet Accessories added the following items:



Motion Picture magazine featuring Lily Armstrong.

Dress Like Your Doll: BeForever

Pretty Plum Dress.

A dress inspired by Rebecca's BeForever Meet Outfit, the Pretty Plum Dress, was available for $58.

Mini Dolls

Rebecca's mini doll was released when she debuted. The doll's body, meet, and book changed in 2014 with the start of BeForever.