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Rebecca's School Set.

Rebecca's School Set was introduced to Rebecca's Collection in 2009 and retired in 2015. It is associated with the book Rebecca and Ana. Retail cost was $36.


Bagel sandwich with cheese; can be separated.


Five rolled rugalach cookies.


Two attached pickles.


Thick square napkin with lace trim.

Lunch Box[]

Black velvet lunch box. Buttoned handle and functional buckle strap. Red and white striped lining.

Sheet Music[]

"You're a Grand Old Flag" sheet music. Cover has title in red capitals on blue and white-starred background; beneath is swooping blue star on red and white stripped background. Text reads:

"You're a Grand Old Flag"
A Song Hit from the Latest Musical Play
George Washington Jr.
Written and composed by Geo. M. Cohen

Authentic song sheet music inside booklet. Back reads, in light blue text on white:

Geo. M. Cohen's ComediesCite error: Invalid <ref> tag; refs with no name must have content
Management Sam H. Harris
George Washington Jr.
Playing indefinitely at the Herald Square Theater
Little Johnny Jones
Two Companies on the Road
The Governor's Son
All next Summer on the Roof, New Amsterdam Theatre
New Catchy Music and All That Sort Of Thing
Running for Office
On the Road
Fourty-Five Minutes from Broadway
Playing indefinitely at the New Amsterdam Theatre


Forty-eight star American flag. Black handle.


Yellow wood pencil.


White notebook. Peach text reads Kewpies Notebook. Image of Kewpie holding weights on cover and border of Kewpies in different poses.


Green and blue flower print bag with pocket. Blue drawstring; blue button on pocket.


  • The plays listed on the back of the sheet music are authentic names of musicals written by George M. Cohen.