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RebeccaHairstylingSet BF

Rebecca's Hairstyling Set (BeForever version).

Rebecca's Hairstyling Set was introduced to Rebecca's Collection in 2014, changed slightly later that year, and retired in 2016. Retail cost was $20.

Curling Iron[]

Silver metal curling iron. Handle has elaborately shaped molded swirled design; tip has plastic swirled cap. Functional hinge for clasp with white button on handle end.

Hair Comb[]

Harp-shaped gold plastic decorative hair comb. Top edge has center blue square gem in trapezoid frame, flanked on each side by a large and small white round gem. Three center tines.

Hair Bow[]


Set with original bow.

Blue woven ribbon hair bow. Edges have pink and green roses pattern interwoven. Attached to white ponytail holder. V-cut ends. This matches the ribbon style of Rebecca's Pajamas.

The hair bow was recolored purple following the launch of BeForever to match Rebecca's new meet outfit.