Rebecca's Costume Set.

Rebecca's Costume Chest was introduced to Rebecca's Collection in 2009. The trunk was retired from the set in 2015 and the remaining items were released as Rebecca's Costume Set, which was retired in 2016. Retail cost was $100 with the trunk and was $50 without.


Sleeveless satin turquoise dress. Golden trim at waist. Gathered at the waist.


Turquoise overskirt with gold sparkles. Scalloped hem. Strapless. Gathered at bodice and waist.


White knit shawl. White satin ribbon bow at collar.


Rebecca's Costume Chest.

Faux-pearl necklace. Double strand.


Cream stain elbow gloves.


Gold suede ballet-style shoes. Crisscross ribbon over top of foot. Ankle strap.


Turquoise headdress with gold sparkles. Two bows on either side. Gold trim looped-design in front. Elastic in back.


Double golden "wings". Pointed ends. Attaches to dress and overskirt.


Three old-fashioned photos.

  • Girl in hat.
  • Girl and her horse.
  • Gentleman and a lady

Magazine Covers

Two magazine covers from "Motion Picture Magazine" in the early 1900s. One yellow and one pink. Both have a sepia picture of an actress on front.



Chest open.

Faux-leather chest. Red wood trim around black and red leafy leather on sides. Metal trim on red faux-leather handles. Metal clasp in front. White paper lining inside with green stripes and blue flowers in a stripe in-between. Removable white paper tray with stripes.

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