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This is a list of all the items that have been or are currently available for Rebecca Rubin in her Historical Collection. Items in italics have been retired. Any items that have been modified or rereleased will be discussed on their article pages.

Doll and Meet Accessories[]

Rebecca comes with a copy of Rebecca: The Sound of Applause.
Rebecca originally came with a copy of Meet Rebecca. During BeForever, Rebecca came with a copy of The Sound of Applause.

BeForever and Post-BeForever Outfits[]

BeForever and Post-BeForever Accessories[]

Inspired-By Clothing[]

Rebecca's School Collection[]

Rebecca's Holiday Collection[]

Rebecca's Birthday Collection[]

Rebecca's Summer Collection[]

Rebecca's Winter Collection[]

Rebecca's Bedtime Collection[]


See List of Rebecca's Books

Extra Outfits and Items[]

Extra Outfits[]

Extra Items[]

Rebecca's Ultimate Collection[]


Rebecca's Ultimate Collection.

Rebecca's Ultimate Collection consists of the Rebecca doll and book, Rebecca's accessories, her second book, her menorah and dreidel set, and her Hanukkah outfit for a cost of $234 ($10.99 less than purchasing components separately).