The Real Me Outfit as seen on Just Like You 46.

The Real Me Outfit was the ninth meet outfit for the My American Girl dolls, replacing the Star Hoodie Outfit in 2010 and replaced with the True Spirit Outfit in 2012.

Real Me Outfit

As the outfit was tied to the launch of Innerstar University, it was never made available as a separate purchase during its lifespan as a meet outfit.


Lavender hip-length graphic tee. Dark lavender butterfly silhouette on lower left side of the shirt; "Real", "Smart", "Strong" and "Kind" printed under the butterfly. Small dark lavender flower silhouette and A*G on upper right sleeve.


Dark purple denim-like cuffed capris. Elastic in the back.



Lavender ballet flats with bows.



Necklace and booklet.

The necklace and booklet were bundled with the outfit and never made available as a separate purchase during the outfit's lifespan.


Charm-keeper necklace. Pink sliding adjustable cord. Silver opening loop with small American Girl Logo charm and translucent star-shaped charm.

The necklace was later given an independent release as the Charm-Keeper Necklace in 2014.


Booklet containing two codes to activate an account on Innerstar University.

Dress Like Your Doll

The girl-sized outfit was available.

  • Tee: $28
  • Capris: $36
RealMeTee girls


RealMeCapris girls





  • The Real Me Outfit was the first meet outfit for the AGoT/JLY/My AG line not to be made available as a separate purchase during its run since the line's debut with the Mix and Match Outfit.
  • The outfit was briefly made available as a Cyber Monday sale in 2012 for a discounted price of $13 and came with a square "Loyal" charm. Later, the outfit was offered as a Purchase With Purchase at American Girl Place for $16 (with a qualifying $50 purchase) with no charm, and then for $12 in 2014 with no shoes or panties.

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