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Read Posters are a series of posters featuring the first seven Historical Characters in reading poses.

These were initially released in approximately 1994 after Addy's release and retired by 2002 before a poster was released for Kaya'aton'my. Retail cost was $5.95 per poster.


The posters were partially inspired by the American Library Association's READ ad campaign.

Each poster showed an illustration of the historical character posed in an accurate setting wearing an outfit from their collection and reading a book. The picture was framed in parchment background similar to the first edition parchment style books[1] with text above and below stating: Reading: The Timeless Pastime of American Girls.

Posters either came folded or rolled in storage tubes.

The American Girl Club and Historical Society membership kit included the first five characters arraigned together in a poster.

These were partial inspiration for the Hallmark bookends.

List of American Girl Read Posters


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  1. This included Kit, though she never had her books released in the style.