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This article is about the BeForever version. For the abridged 2020 version, see Kit: Read All About It!.

Read All About It!: A Kit Classic Volume 1 is a bound book of the first three books of Kit's Central Series. It was included with the Kit doll when she was purchased and could be purchased separately until the release of Kit: Read All About It!.

Stories Included[]

Changes and Added Transitions[]

  • Most of Kit's newspapers, while still typed in typewriter-simulating font, are not framed with or include illustrations. The Thanksgiving edition of The Hard Times News is printed as it was, but in black and white.
  • Kit Learns a Lesson, Chapter One: Messages (now Chapter Five) has a transitional paragraph stating that by the time Kit started school, three boarders had moved in--Mr. Peck, Miss Hart, and Miss Finney--and their pay for rooms and meals had helped the family, a good change. But the new boarders--along with Louise Howard and Stirling Howard--make the house feel much too crowded, and Kit's list of daily chores is longer because of more people there and it's a almost a relief to head to school every morning. It mentions that it's a rainy and cold November morning and that Kit is cold and doesn't want to get up, burrowing in the covers before Charlie speaks and the original text follows.
  • Kit's Surprise, Chapter One: Rickrack (now Chapter Nine) has transitional paragraphs about how the Kittredge house seems more cheerful and the home Kit remembered before Dad lost his job; the house is still crowded with boarders but they are more like friends now. Thanksgiving is a happy lively day of chatter and laughter--but November becomes December and Dad still has not found a job.

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