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AGP SantaDress

An Example of a 'Purchase with Purchase, the Santa Dress.

A Purchase with Purchase (abbreviated as PwP) is an outfit or accessory set that was offered, generally at American Girl Place locations, to be purchased below the original or suggested retail cost with a qualifying purchase amount.


The general qualifying amount to be eligible to make the purchase is $50; the set itself is often about $10-20. This is per transaction, not per amount spent (i.e. spending $100 did not entitle a purchaser to buy two sets). Most of the time a Purchase with Purchase was seen at participating American Girl Place locations; purchase with purchase sets were not always universal across all AG stores. In rare cases, a Purchase with Purchase was made available through the website.

Some outfits were uniquely available through Purchase with Purchase, such as the Vacation Outfit. During the holidays, smaller slimmed down holiday sets were released; these often consisted of a sweater and headgear (such as a hat or headband). Outfits were often made of thinner materials and did not always include shoes; when photographed or on display, suitable shoes were seen but not included as part of the purchase.

Later retired outfits were re-released as a Purchase with Purchase, including older Meet Outfits such as the Real Me Outfit, Girl of the Year ensembles such as Gwen's Meet Outfit, or older modern outfits such as the Photographer Outfit.

As of approximately 2022, Purchase with Purchase outfits have been phased out and are generally not being offered at stores; discount outfits are sold through the website when available, but this is not often.

Unique Purchase With Purchase Outfits[]