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The Pretty Pink Riding Outfit as seen on Just Like You 24.

The Pretty Pink Riding Outfit was a My American Girl outfit that was released in 2014 and retired in 2017. It was a complementary outfit to the Riding Helmet and Hat. Retail cost was $34.


Hot pink riding jacket. Four decorative gold buttons down the front. Faux-pocket flaps on the left and right. Pink embroidered star outlines at each elbow. Closes with velcro at the front. 


White sleeveless collared shirt. Velcro at the back.


Tan jersey pants. Pink contrast stitching. Panels on the inside pant legs. Elastic waist.


Black vinyl knee-high boots. Pink contrast stitching. Outer edge of boots is raised. Velcro at the back.


Pink satin bow scarf. White horse print on bow, no print on strap. Velcro closure on the strap.



Square "Smart" charm.

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