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Popcorn Kit.

The Popcorn Kit is an American Girl item made in partnership with Williams-Sonoma released in 2017. It was retired in 2018. Retail cost is $19.95.


Red silicone popcorn popper with lid. Popper has AG star and scalloped design on side. Holds 4 cups of popcorn. It measures 6 1/4" in diameter and 6" high.

Popcorn Boxes[]

Twelve paper popcorn boxes. Four designs with three boxes for each design. One is white with red, pink, and blue doilies with AG stars in center. Another is white with "American Girl" printed in cursive script in shades of pink, red, and blue. The third is white with a red and black polka dot pattern. The last pattern is red and pink stripes with a white doily design in the center. Black AG star cutout in center of doily. Boxes are 5 1/2" high. Each holds 3 cups of popcorn.