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The Playful Garden Washtub Set.

The Playful Garden Washtub Set was a WellieWishers accessory released in 2017 and retired in 2019. Retail cost was $48.


Gray oval plastic washtub with handles on either end. WellieWishers "W" logo on side. White plastic sticker goes around midsection of tub and has images of flowers and vines in pink, green, turquoise, purple, and orange.


Purple plastic fence with two ducks molded on top of posts. Light blue shelf with four gold hooks. Light blue faucet with duck on top of spout. Knobs are green and designed to look like flowers.

Light and dark pink outlines create a flower design on long side of fence. Green base in center of flower. Back of fence has tank that holds bubble solution. When a crank is turned, bubbles come out of the center of the flower.


Light pink towel with blue scalloped stitching on end.


WellieWishers Playful Garden Washtub Set

Small items in the Playful Garden Washtub Set.

Pink plastic bar of soap. Indent on top reads "SOAP" and has outlines of bubbles. Soap comes in white cardboard "wrapping" with "Soap" written in script and flowers.


Pink plastic brush with hole on end so it can hang on hook. Light brown bristles.

Boot Scraper[]

Light brown plastic base shaped like a hedgehog. Plastic has textured lines to replicate texture of hedgehog. Two black dots for eyes with a pink painted nose. Dark brown bristles are attached.