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Samantha's Play Dress and Pinafore.

The Play Dress and Pinafore (also known as Samantha's Play Dress and Pinafore) was introduced to Samantha's Collection in 1989 and retired in 2006. It is associated with the book Meet Samantha. Retail cost was $22.


Blue large check-print long sleeved drop waist dress. Waist is slightly gathered for blouson bodice look. Attached wide bib-style collar (split in back); white high necked collar and cuffs. Velcros up the back and at wrists.


White pinafore. High square yoke with ruffled edges; high skirt body with under armscythes and ruffled edge. Rectangular pocket on the left front side. Velcros at upper back. Fits completely over the dress.

Hair Bow[]

Wide hemmed hair bow with sewn pointed tips. Made of same blue checkered fabric as dress.


White lacy knitted knee socks. Solid cuffs. Solid seam up the back.

These were not originally included in the 1989 release and instead available as part of Samantha's Shoes and Socks.



Samantha's Play Dress and Pinafore in the Wishes Catalogue.

  • Unlike Kirsten Larson, Addy Walker, and Felicity Merriman, Samantha's extra dress-down outfit is referred to as a "play outfit". This is because Samantha as a well-to-do girl with many servants and a rich lifestyle would not have done much in the way of day-to-day chores (or even been allowed to; her responsibilities are more like finishing or refinement for young girls than daily chores). Therefore her outfit is designed for playing in. This is also true of Molly McIntire's After-School Outfit.
  • The outfit is seen in Meet Samantha both with and without the pinafore apron, as the dress alone can be considered a standard daywear dress.
  • In older item coding that used easily decipherable codes, this outfit was coded as SXO, standing for "Samantha('s) Extra Outfit"; it was released with the same group of historical clothing as Molly's Halloween Hula Costume (MXO) and Kirsten's Swedish Dirndl and Kerchief (KXO). This is because likely these outfits were seen in their meet books and initially no others. This meant that later when Samantha's Tea Dress was released with Kirsten and Molly's extra dressed-down outfits, it was given the designation SPO which stood for "Samantha Play Outfit", but something the tea dress could not accurately be considered.