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The Picture Day Outfit is a Hopscotch Hill School outfit. It was released in 2004 and retired in 2006. Retail price was $22.


Bright purple denim jacket with decorative patches. Patches are purple and green squares with decorations like hearts and butterflies. Jacket has faux chest pockets. Five non-functional buttons along front of jacket. Collar and cuffs have green faux fur trim.


Bright purple cotton shirt with cap sleeves. Center of shirt has sewn green patch with purple butterfly.


Green corduroy skirt. Purple denim stripe along bottom hem. Front of skirt has two functional pockets with contrasting purple stitching.


Striped tights. Stripes are bright green, dark green, bright pink, purple, orange, and white.


Knee-high purple faux suede boots with light brown soles.


Purple newsboy style hat.

Photo Album

Floral print photo album.


Photo stickers of the students in Miss Sparks' class.

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