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Picnic Goodies.

The Picnic Goodies (also known as the Lunch for Two) is an American Girl of Today accessory released in 1998 and retired in 2001. Retail cost was $15.


Teal plastic cooler with two yellow plastic lids attached. Lids slide to open. Indents to grip can also hold juice boxes. Two purple plastic oval handles on either side of cooler. Front of cooler has molded wave design and American Girl of Today logo.


Two half sub-style sandwiches with four pieces total. Each side splits into a top and bottom half. Top half of sandwich shows lettuce and tomato slices. Bottom half shows Swiss cheese slices and pink sliced meat.

Wax Paper[]

Wax paper with "AG Subs" logo on it and red, green, and black design.


Two plastic oranges with green indents for stems.

Juice Boxes[]

Cardboard juice boxes with green plastic straws. The labels read "AG Sippers [Berry/Grape] juice drink 100% vitamin C". Lettering is red (berry) or purple (grape) with green on a yellow background.

Red box is berry flavor with a stylized raspberry design; purple is grape flavor with a grape design. Back side of box lists simulated nutrition facts. 


Two rectangular dark brown textured brownies, with a squiggle of white "frosting" on top.



Set with American Girl Newspaper.

"American Girl News" newspaper. This was later removed.

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