The Phone and Charms Set.

The Phone and Charms Set is a Just Like You accessory that was released in 2008 and retired in 2010. Retail cost was $20.

While it could be bundled with a new Just Like You doll in the Star Hoodie Outfit, this set was not considered the formal meet accessories.

Cell Phone

Mini plastic cell phone.


Orange case with pink butterfly. Purple buttoned strap. White American Girl Logo on strap.


Three metal charms. One orange with butterfly silhouette. One white with orange snowflake. One aqua with pink flower. Removable. Green, red, and orange striped fabric strap on hook.


StickerCharmSet girls

Sticker and Charms Set.

Eight pairs of sparkling jewels of different colors (meant to be stick-on earrings for the doll). Six large images that are used as a "screensaver" for the phone. Forty small circular stickers. Eight are salmon with a white butterfly silhouette. Eight are green with orange flower. Eight are dark pink with gold star. Eight are lime green with orange flower. Last eight are light blue with pink and yellow heart.


  • The matching stickers, case, and charms were available for a cost of $22 as the Sticker and Charms Set for Girls.
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