Petite Boutique

Petite Boutique.jpg
The Petite Boutique set.

The Petite Boutique was an American Girl Minis collection of accessories that were sold separately or in a complete collection for $178. They were released in 2002 and retired in 2003 with the rest of the line.


Complete Petite Boutique Set

This set included an Illuma-Room as well as the Boutique Decor Set, Shop Fixtures, Display Shelves, Hip Handbags, and Fancy Footwear. Retail cost was $178.

Boutique Box Set

The Boutique Box Set was a cheaper alternative to the complete version. It included an Illuma-Room and the Boutique Decor Set. Retail cost was $84.

Boutique Box Set.jpg
The Boutique Box Set.

Individual Sets

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