Pet Grooming Set

The Pet Grooming Set was a My American Girl/Coconut Item accessory set released in 2014 and retired in 2017. Retail cost was $30.


Blue apron with pink trim. Heart with paw print and "I ruff you" printed on front.

Bathing Tub

Blue plastic tub with white paw prints and swirls printed on both sides. One side has open space for stickers to spell out pet name.

Tub Stand

Gray plastic stand for tub. Tub fits on top and bottom has shelf for other items in set. Swirl design at top and bottom of tub supports.

Shampoo Bottle

Faux plastic shampoo bottle. White faux pump at top. Label with "Rub-A-Dub Pet Shampoo" printed on it and pink paw prints.


Lilac plastic brush with blue head. White bristles with lilac tips.

Duck Toy

Yellow plastic duck with orange beak and white and black eyes.


Alphabet stickers to spell out pet name. Paw print stickers in spring green, purple, magenta, pink, yellow, blue, and green.


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