Pet Celebration Set

The Pet Celebration Set was a My American Girl/Coconut Item accessory set released in 2014 and retired in 2017. Retail cost was $22.

Party Hat

Paper party hat for dolls with white elastic string to hold it on head. Purple, blue, magenta, light pink, and yellow striped design.


Paper magenta crown for pets with "Happy Birthday" design on side in yellow font.

Birthday Card

Paper birthday card with message inside. Outside has magenta background with white and yellow bones on front. Yellow bone has blue bow.


Bone-shaped plastic cake attached to plate. Plate is magenta, blue, and yellow plastic. Cake is brown and white with "frosting" design on top. Design includes purple edging, magenta "Happy Birthday" in middle, and pink paw prints on sides.

Gift Box

Paper gift box with yellow and magenta polka dot wrapping paper in blue, yellow, and magenta. Magenta bow design printed on box and lid.

Cupcake Toy

Plastic cupcake toy with magnet for pet to hold it. Yellow, magenta, pink, blue, and purple design. Toy fits in box.

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