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Patio Party

Patio Party Treats.

The Patio Party Treats is an American Girl of Today accessory set released in 1996 and retired in 2011. Retail cost was originally $20, later raised to $22.


Single red wax candle with yellow "flame;" candle has two simulated wax drippings at the top on each side. Candle is meant to be inserted into the cake candle holder.


Smooth white frosted birthday cake with multi-colored stars and AGOT logo; cake has candle holder built into it.


Polished silver square cake platter with raised edge slightly larger than cake; fits within white bakery box.

Bakery Box[]

Solid white bakery box with visible window; the top features the bakery name, "Violet's cakes," written in gold, surrounded by a gold square. Bakery box is made from card stock and holds both cake and platter; it has a front tab closure.


Silver "mirrored" birthday banner with multi-colored "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" message.


Three shiny, mylar, air-filled balloons (in purple, red, and yellow), each attached to a hard white stick handle.

Bracelet Kit[]

Birthday Card[]

Miniature black birthday card with AGOT logo; logo is holding a red, yellow and purple balloon. The inside of the card says, "Happy Birthday to You!" in purple, orange, yellow, and red and is followed by the text, "I hope you like this jewelry kit I made for you. Your friend," with enough room at the bottom for a personalized handwritten signature. The back of the card contains the following instructions:

1. Be careful when you open the stacking boxes so you don't spill the beads!

2. Use your imagination to create bracelets or pendants or whatever you want to make.

Some of the beads might be too small to fit on the elastic thread.