Paper Marbling Kit.

Felicity's Paper Marbling Kit was a Historical Character Craft Kit introduced to Felicity's Collection in 1993 and retired in 1996. Retail cost was $18.

The kit contains enough to make up to ten marbled papers, and one or two copy books

Marbling Paint

Three jars of red, yellow, and blue acrylic paint.

Marbling Size

Package of powdered marbling size (powder to thicken water).

Marbling Papers

Ten cream cardstock papers. 9" long by 6 1/4" wide

Blank Papers

Eight cream blank papers, used for making one to two booklets. 8 3/4" by 6" wide, with center fold lines and three sewing guide holes in center of each sheet.

Stirring Sticks

Three wooden stirring sticks.


Plastic marbling tray.

Straw Broom

Straw hand broom.


Wooden swirling comb.


Wooden craft stylus.

Thread and Needle

Tapestry/yarn needle and waxed binding thread. Packaged together.

Instruction Book

Instruction book with diagrams and instructions on making designs on marbled papers and one to two copybooks.

Additional Needed Components

  • Large Wooden/Plastic Spoon
  • Distilled Water (at least seven cups worth)
  • Measuring Cup
  • Newspaper or waste paper in 2" by 12" long strips
  • Paper towels
  • Additional waste paper/newspaper for lining
  • Trash container
  • Iron (for book construction)

Additionally, the craft work should be done near a sink large enough to run running water over papers.

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