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The Outdoor Play Outfit on Just Like You 23.

The Outdoor Play Outfit is a Just Like You outfit released in 2009 and retired in 2011. Retail cost was $24.



The Pine Lake Camp logo.

Blue and white hooded sweatshirt (the hood and sleeves are blue, the torso white) with a Pine Lake Camp logo and pocket on the front. Pine Lake Camp logo is red with purple outline. A light green silhouette of trees, mountains, and a rider on a horse is behind the text. American Girl logo and star in purple below camp logo. Sweatshirt velcros up the back.


Olive thigh length twill shorts with adjustable cuffs and functional pockets. Elastic in back waistband. Two belt loops in front. Blue "American Girl" tag on back of shorts. The short length can be adjusted with two matching plastic loops below each pocket on the outside of each short leg. Fabric that is sewn on the inside hem of the shorts can be tied through the plastic loops to hold up the cuffs of the shorts.


Striped cord sandals. White on top of the sole and black lined plastic on the bottom. Cord used for sandals has lime green, white, blue, purple, and red stripes. Ankle strap with white plastic loops; ankle strap closes with velcro. A triangular plastic loop toward the toes is used to make the toe strap.


Light green bandana with a blue leaf print. Elastic band at back so it can be worn like a headband.


Camp AG: Collection of activities for the summer. This was later removed in 2010.




Round "Strong" charm. This was added in 2010.

Dress Like Your Doll[]


Summer Outfit for children.

The child-sized outfit was available as the "Summer Outfit":

  • Sweatshirt: $40
  • Shorts: $32