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Olav Larson is the uncle of Kirsten Larson.

Personality and Facts[]

Olav is Anders' brother. He left Sweden six years before the Larson family (c. 1848) when Kirsten was three years old and immigrated to America, so Kirsten initially barely remembers him and only knows him through how much her family has spoken of him. He left to start a better like in America and sent a letter telling Anders about his farm and how he would like the Larsons to come and help, for the land is rich and good. While in America he married Inger, a widow with two young daughters (Lisbeth and Anna); Kirsten thinks this is the best part of what she knows of him.

In the Books[]

Meet Kirsten: An American Girl[]

Kirsten Learns a Lesson: A School Story[]

Lisbeth tells Kirsten that Olav and Inger have taken in Miss Winston as a guest, and Olav has already set up a small area in the loft to serve as Miss Winston's living quarters. During Miss Winston's first night with the Larsons, Olav has to remind Anna to eat her dinner lest she becomes thin.

Kirsten's Surprise: A Christmas Story[]

Olav and Anders work to complete the winter farm chores before the snowfall arrives. Once the work is complete, he is able to lend his horse Blackie to pull the sleigh into town.

When Kristen and Papa return, Olav helps Anders down from the sleigh and brings the trunks into the house with Lars. Anna and Lisbeth tell Kirsten how their papa wanted to go out in the storm to search for the two of them, but Inger said he would never find them on foot. He is delighted by Kirsten's Saint Lucia's Day surprise.

Happy Birthday, Kirsten!: A Springtime Story[]

Olav, Anders, and Lars work planting the seeds. He is with Papa when Kirsten rides Blackie over to him telling him Mama's baby was arriving. He wishes Papa good luck as he rides off on Blackie. Kirsten wants to run back to help, but Olav kindly tells her walking would get them there soon enough. He explains to her that she would wait with Lisbeth and Anna at his house and there was plenty of work to do there. After lunch, he states they all better get on with what they have to do; babies came when they were ready, and they couldn't hurry things up by worrying.

Uncle Olav is part of the many men that work to raise the barn beams, and partakes in the barn raising dance later on. When the dance ends, Olav along with Anders thanks their neighbors and wishing them goodnight.

Changes for Kirsten: A Winter Story[]

Kirsten Snowbound![]

The Runaway Friend[]