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Noah's Ark.

Noah's Ark (also known as Felicity's Noah's Ark) was introduced to Felicity's Collection in 1991, modified in 1996, and retired in 2007. It is associated with the book Felicity's Surprise. Retail cost was $22.


Wooden toy ark. Brown base with deck that comes off to reveal storage inside; storage can hold all figures and the ramp of the ark. Deck is painted beige on top and light blue on the sides. Room on top of deck with two circular windows on either side. Windows have brown paint around them with decorative swirls below them. Brown square doors are painted onto either end of this room with swirls above the door. Green wooden roof. One flap of the roof can be taken off so figures can be placed inside. It stays attached to the other piece of the roof with two green leather straps.


Unpainted wooden ramp that can be balanced on the side of the side of the deck. Small wooden ledges so animals can stay balanced if they are placed on the deck.

Human Figures[]

Two human figures representing Noah and his wife. Noah has a gray body with painted beige hands, beige face, white hair and beard, and gray hat on top of his head. Face has two black painted eyes, a black mouth and nose, and two pink circles on the cheeks. Noah's wife is a smaller figure with a red body, painted ivory hands, ivory face, and black hair. Red is painted on most of her head to represent a hood or veil. Face has two black eyes, black and red nose and mouth, and two pink circles on cheeks.

Animal Figures[]

Two sheep, horses, pigs, elephants, and camels. Sheep are white with black paint on feet and mouth. Horses are brown with two black dots for eyes and painted black manes. Horses have several gray strings each for a tail. Pigs are pink with black dots for eyes, black feet, and a pink string for a tail. Elephants are gray with black dots for eyes, pink feet, and a pink trunk. Gray string for tail. Camels are brown with black dots for eyes and black feet. Brown string attached as a tail.


  • The first variation had a blue stripe at the bottom of the ark. The second and third variations of the ark do not have the bottom blue stripe.