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This article is about the BeForever version. For the 2019 version, see Melody: Never Stop Singing.

Never Stop Singing: A Melody Classic Volume 2 is the second volume of Melody's series.


Only in Never Stop Singing

Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Melody's Eve

Chapter Two: Watch Night

Chapter Three: Double-Digits Birthday

Chapter Four: Challenges

Chapter Five: The Block Club

Chapter Six: Books and Banners

Chapter Seven: We March!

Chapter Eight: Wish List

Chapter Nine: Grandfathers and "Grandflowers"

Chapter Ten: Singing Together

Chapter Eleven: Open Doors

Chapter Twelve: More Letters

Chapter Thirteen: Important Work

Chapter Fourteen: Standing Tall

Chapter Fifteen: Civil Rights

Chapter Sixteen: Keep Going

Chapter Seventeen: A Playground and a Party

Inside Melody's World

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