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The Nellie doll.

The Nellie O'Malley doll, Best Friend of Samantha Parkington, was released in 2004. Nellie was archived with Samantha's collection by American Girl in May 2009, and sold out on December 4, 2008.

Nellie Doll[]

There are freckles across the nose and cheeks.
  • Hair: Strawberry/honey blond, shoulder length, bangs, side part
  • Eyes: Dark blue

Meet Outfit[]


Nellie with Nellie's Promise.

Nellie's meet outfit is representative of the type of clothing she receives once she moves in with (and then is adopted by) Gardner and Cornelia Edwards.


Blue and white knee length dress. Fabric of white dotted swiss over blue cotton. Double gathered 3/4 length sleeves. White eyelet lace neck ruffle trim. Attached and gathered blue satin sash around the middle.

Hair Ribbon[]

Wide light blue satin hair ribbon to match the sash on her dress.


White tights; these are worn under her bloomers. Historically a girl would wear garters and stockings, but tights are easier to put on.


Black plastic Mary Jane style shoes. Her shoes are identical to Samantha's.


White cotton puffy "bloomer" underpants with elastic at waist and legs. Nellie's underpants are identical to Samantha's.

Meet Accessories[]


Nellie's Meet Accessories.

White Straw Hat[]

Partially meshwork white summer hat. Trimmed with purple pansies and a wide, blue satin ribbon like the one on her dress.


Light blue drawstring purse bag. White, green, and purple pansy design; gold tassel on the bottom and gathered trim at top.


Silver Celtic cross pendant on a chain. It was given to her by her mother and representative of their Irish background.


White cotton embroidered handkerchief. White lace trim around the edges.


Replica Irish penny of George IV of 1822. In the stories, this is given to her by Miss Brennan.

Mini Doll[]


Nellie's mini doll.

Nellie's mini doll was released when she debuted. The doll was was retired in 2014.


  • Nellie was the first explicitly non-Latina doll to use the Josefina Mold.