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Neela: Victory Song is a book in the Girls of Many Lands series focusing on Neela Sen. It was released in 2002 and available with the doll and as a separate purchase. The book was retired with the collection in 2005. Retail cost was $7.95.


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Chapter by Chapter Summary[]

Chapter One: Wedding Preparations[]

Chapter Two: Bandits![]

Chapter Three: Good-Byes[]

Chapter Four: The Secret Guest[]

Chapter Five: Bad News[]

Chapter Six: Alone in a City of Strangers[]

Chapter Seven: A Desperate Search[]

Chapter Eight: A Daring Plan[]

Chapter Nine: The Rescue Mission[]

Chapter Ten: Unsuspected Obstacles[]

Then and Now: India[]

Discusses a girl's life in India. Topics include:

  • Details about how Indian life had continued even though World War Two had recently erupted in Europe.
  • The region of Bengal and traditional housing.
  • How Hindu marriages were arranged and what a bride was expected to do after the wedding.
  • Why Neela would wear a sari and a bindi to the wedding.
  • What a wedding 'dowry was made up of and who it was given to.
  • How the British arrived in and occupied India and how they lived.
  • Freedom fights and protesters.
  • What Gandhi believed in and his boycotts.
  • How the British handled the protesters.
  • India receiving its independence in 1947, and the popular song Vande Mataram.
  • Gandhi's influence on Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Life in India today.


Each Girls of Many Lands book came with a detachable bookmark inside the back cover. This shows a portion of the illustration at the start of the book. Measures 7 3/16" x 2".



The international cover.

  • Neela: Victory Song is the only book in the Girls of Many Lands series written in third person.
  • The book was later released by Penguin Books and offered for sale in India.

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