Needlework Kit and Frame.

The Needlework Kit and Frame (also known as Felicity's Needlework Kit and Frame) was introduced to Felicity's Collection in 1992 and retired in 2001. It is associated with Happy Birthday, Felicity!. Retail cost was $22.


Wooden 3" (7.8cm) needlework hoop. Brass tension screw.

Small holes in inner hoop allow hoop to be mounted to stand.


Dark wooded table needlework hoop stand. Rectangular base with two tall upright rods, smaller center rod with removable wooden rod at lower back for spool mount, and two adjusting golden screw-style arms to hold the hoop. Two hinged bins at either side of rods for storage of supplies.


Wooden thread spool.


Muslin cloth sampler. Surged around edges. Preprinted images of a design of a bluebird, flowers, and vines, with preprinted text in blue cross stitch:


Faithful Friends


Functional embroidery needle. Comes in a clear plastic case.


Six strands of six-strand embroidery floss:

  • 60" blue (DMC[1] 794)
  • 60" light green (164)
  • 60" dark green (986)
  • 30" coral (760)
  • 30" red (326)
  • 30" black (310)

The threads come loosely looped and knotted together.

Doll Thimble

1/4" (5mm) sized brass doll thimble. Molded scroll work at base.

Child Thimble

3/4" (1.8cm) sized brass child sized thimble. Molded scroll work at base.

Instruction Booklet

Black and white folded instruction booklet. Instructions include details on colonial embroidery; removing hoop from stand and mounting sampler in hoop to work piece; how to separate floss and thread needle; utilizing the thimble; and making the satin stitch, backstitch, and cross stitch to create the design.

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  1. Note: The kit does not specify colors. The approximate DMC colors are given here to allow others to replace/replicate kit contents, as DMC is one of the most widespread floss-color categorization brands.
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