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The Nanea Mitchell doll.

The Nanea Mitchell doll was released in 2017.

Nanea Doll

  • Face Mold: Nanea Mold
  • Skin: Medium
  • Hair: Brown (fine red highlights), left side part, no bangs, mid-back
Nanea comes with a small part of her hair banded off for her hair clip.
  • Eyes: Hazel (dark version)

Meet Outfit

The Nanea doll with Growing Up with Aloha.

Nanea's meet outfit reflects the more tropical, informal wear allowed in the Hawaii territory as opposed to the Midwest white suburban propriety of her near-contemporary, Molly McIntire.


Orange printed sleeveless shirt. High mandarin collar. Print of white and blue accented tropical huts and white palm tree silhouettes. Buttons up the front with three functional orange two-hole buttons.


White cotton Bermuda-style wide-legged shorts. Front has two seams trimmed with three navy four-hole buttons. The buttons are sewn above two pointed functional pockets; pockets are trimmed with three lines of light blue ribbon horizontally. Elastic at back waistband for ease in pulling on. American Girl plastic logo on left bottom hem. Shorts fall just above the knee.


White knit long-legged "brief" underwear.


Brown crossed slip-on sandals. Brown plastic soles. Clear strap at back to keep on doll's foot.

Hair Clip

Red hibiscus flower clip. Yellow center pistil. Green clip base.

Meet Accessories



Five-shell necklace. White linked chain with spaced shells. Seashells are white spiral-style shells with added blue dots. Heart-clasp at back.


Blue and white plaid handbag with open top and single handle. Inner lining matches meet shirt fabric.

ID Pouch

Blue and white plaid ID pouch. White drawstring closure.


White Air-mail letter envelope with red and blue trim. Green airplane stamp overlined with postal stamp lines and stamp (San Francisco, CA; PM; Apr 1942) Front return and sending is as typed:

Donna Hill
325 Webster St.
San Francisco, CA[1]

Nanea Mitchell
8087 Fern Street
Honolulu, HI[1]


Handwritten letter from Donna to Nanea:

Meow, Nanea,

You aren't going to believe this! Sugar is going to be rationed all over the country. That means no more bubble gum for me! I'm rationing my last few pieces. And guess what? Our school is trying to earn a Minute Man flag, too. That makes me feel like we Three Kittens are doing something together.

Meow, your friend,

ID Card

Yellow ID Card. (dimensions: 1.5" by 1").

Front printed (with simulated typing):

Territory of Hawaii
Issued: 1/8/1942
Name: Alice Nanea Mitchell
Residence: 8087 Fern St Honolulu
Citizenship Status: U.S.
Date of Birth: 4/11/1932

Hair: Eyes: Height: Weight: Age: Occ:[2]
BRN[3] BRN 4'3" 62 lbs 9 Student

Back printed (with simulated typing):

Left Index Finger Right Index Finger
(image of fingerprint) (image of fingerprint)

Signature: Alice Nanea Mitchell


Two $1 Hawaii overprint notes.

Second Version

Nanea's Second Meet Accessories.

Nanea's second set of Meet Accessories added the following items:


Pearl Harbor commemorative kerchief


United States Junior Citizens Service Corps booklet.

Dress Like Your Doll

The Hawaiian Print Dress.

An outfit inspired by Nanea's Meet Outfit, the Hawaiian Print Dress, was available for $48. It retired in 2018.

Mini Doll

Nanea's mini doll.

A Nanea mini doll was released when she debuted in 2017.

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