Nanea's Tropical PJs.

Nanea’s Tropical PJs were introduced to Nanea's Collection in 2017 and retired in 2019. The retail cost was $24.


Stretchy white fabric with red and pink hibiscus flower print. Sleeves have pleating at top and small ruffles at hem. Collar has strings that tie in a bow with a cutout circle underneath. Pink lace is sewn across torso and shoulders and continues across the back. Pleating below lace. Top is loose-fitting and does not have elastic at bottom. Fabric is cut so it dips low in the front and back and arches higher on the sides. Attaches in back with velcro.


Capri pajama pants with same fabric as top. Elastic waistband and loose cuffs.

Dress Like Your Doll

BFTropicalFlowerPJs kids

The Tropical Flower PJs.

A set of children's pajamas inspired by the outfit was made available as the Tropical Flower PJs for a cost of $38.

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