Nanea's Island Swimsuit.

Nanea’s Island Swimsuit was introduced to Nanea's Collection in 2017 and retired in 2019. The retail cost was $28.


Tropical print halter-style cotton swimsuit. Print is bright green, black, yellow, and pink. Design shows hibiscus flowers, palm trees, huts, and mountains. Top edge of suit has sweetheart neckline that connects to halter straps. Straps attach with velcro in back. Main body of suit has four panels in front. Back has two panels for legs and elastic piece at top.


Yellow and white terry cloth towel with rounded edges. Design is reversible.

Tatami Mat

Woven straw mat with dark blue cloth stitched around edges.


Plastic faux-wood goggles with adjustable black strap. Goggles are meant to replicate hand-carved goggles from Nanea's era.

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