Nan Merriman is the younger sister of Felicity Merriman.



Nan is very prim and proper, in contrast to her older sister. She wants to be a lady and often tries to get Felicity to teach her what Felicity learned with Miss Manderly. Nan also loves fancy gowns and clothes and is fond of baby animals. Unlike Felicity, she is a careful seamstress even at her young age and enjoys household duties. Despite their differences, Nan does look up to Felicity as an older sister.

The name "Nan" is a short form of Anne; however, if Nan's full name is Anne it is never stated so in the books.

Nan is six years old at the start of the series.

In the Books

Meet Felicity: An American Girl

Meetfel 54

Nan in the background as Felicity is riding Penny.

Nan is first mentioned in contrast to Felicity's sewing as she is a more careful sewer at her young age than Felicity is. Nan is sent with Felicity and William to deliver preserves to Mrs. Deare. Nan walks in tiny ladylike steps and picks around the puddles, making Felicity wait on her. Nan sees a fine hat in the milliner's window and asks Felicity to go and see it. She is disappointed when Felicity refuses but puts on a sweet face at Mrs. Deare's, who gives her and William a cake and fusses over them. When they are on the way to the tannery Nan says she won't go any further and refuses to go as the tannery stinks. Felicity bribes her by saying that she can pick flowers and put them in her hat to mimic the hat in the window. Nan agrees but refuses to talk to Mr. Nye.

When Felicity explains that Penny's name is because she's independent, Nan asks what she means and is told it means that Penny has a free spirit. She warns Felicity not to go near the horse (because last time Felicity was near a horse in Felicity Takes a Dare, she broke her arm.) Nan is shocked at the amount of sugar Felicity has for Penny and Felicity warns Nan not to tell when they get home before she confronts Jiggy Nye. Jiggy Nye calls her a brat and scares her badly, causing her to cry and drag Felicity away from the tannery. She tries to shush William when he gives away that they were at the tannery, but when her mother presses Nan says that Felicity made them go and that he threatened to skin them alive, prompting Mother to hush her. Nan continues to say that Mr. Nye was going to beat the horse.

Nan is the first member of the family to see Felicity astride Penny as she is carrying the breakfast bread from the kitchen; she calls for her parents. When Jiggy Nye denies that that he said that anyone who could ride Penny could have her, Nan stands up for Felicity.

Felicity Learns a Lesson: A School Story

When Felicity is sitting on the roof, Nan tells their mother.

Felicity's Surprise: A Christmas Story

The book opens with Nan and Felicity on their way home after cutting holly to decorate the house with. Nan scolds Felicity for sliding on the ice. Nan says that Felicity is lucky to attend the Christmas dance at the Palace. When Mother is sick, Felicity spends more time taking care of Nan and William. Nan also brushes Felicity's hair before she leaves for the dance.

Happy Birthday, Felicity!: A Springtime Story

Nan is holding Posie when William brings Felicity to see the lamb.

Felicity Saves The Day: A Summer Story

Nan goes to King's Creek Plantation along with Felicity, William and Mother. Nan, Felicity and William pick blackberries together when they first arrive.

Changes for Felicity: A Winter Story

Felicity’s Dancing Shoes

Nan agrees to let Felicity borrow her dancing shoes so Felicity could be better at dance lessons.

Felicity Takes a Dare

Nan praises Felicity's walking on the fence, saying she looks just like the high walkers at the fair. She and William clap and cheer loud enough to alert Mother, who comes out and fusses at Felicity.

At the fair, Nan shrieks when a starting gun is set off for a footrace and claps for tumblers. She also enjoys the fiddle music and claps her hands and taps her feet to it. She chooses a tart at a treat booth. Nan and William accompany Felicity to the horse pen and Nan sits on a stump to finish her tart. She comes to Felicity's side when the rowdy boys come by. When the horses are startled, Nan screams. When Felicity breaks her arm and gets out of the pen, she sends a frightened Nan to fetch Mother.

Felicity's New Sister

Felicity's New Sister 3

Nan afraid to leave the broken carriage.

Nan is at the breakfast table that morning when it is suggested that the family go to King's Creek for a break before the birth due soon. She cheers when it is agreed to.

On the ride to the plantation, she falls asleep, but is jolted awake when the carriage crashes. She fearfully doesn't leave the carriage until Felicity coaxes her out, and says that the water they are in is cold. She and William both fall asleep before Polly is born.

Peril at King's Creek

Traitor in Williamsburg

Nan and Felicity play checkers together and Nan wins because Felicity is distracted.

Lady Margaret's Ghost

Nan, along with William and Polly, accompanies Mother on her two-week trip to visit Mother's elderly Aunt Prudence in Norfolk. Nan mentions she'll miss seeing Ben riding Penny in the horse race. Nan asks Felicity if she'll give Penny an extra lump of sugar for her, and Felicity agrees to do so.

Gunpowder and Tea Cakes: My Journey with Felicity

In the Film

Nan can be seen playing with the Tea Lesson set.

Nan was played by Eulala Grace Scheel.

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