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The Music and Movies Entertainment Set.

The Music and Movies Entertainment Set is a Truly Me furniture set released in 2015 and retired in 2020. Retail cost was $85.

Television Console[]

White television console piece with curved sides and three rows of shelves. Outer sections have two shelves each. Middle section has two shelves, but one is small to fit the DVD player. Bottom shelf has clear cabinet doors with handles. Cabinet doors have slots to fit decorative inserts.

Console is 13.5" long and 5.25" tall.


Gray plastic TV with clear screen. TV uses three AAA batteries. Back of TV has a storage area for TV slides. Button on front of TV turns it on and lights up screen.

Television Screens[]

Three translucent plastic screens that fit into TV. One is a blue Truly Me Karaoke screen for a song called "Watch Me Shine." Another has an image of Grace, her patisserie cart, and Bonbon. The last has a menu screen with various American Girl movie choices.

DVD Player[]

Gray plastic DVD player. Faux display with blue letters. American Girl logo printed in pink above DVD drive. Magenta button opens DVD slot to insert DVDs. Faux buttons on side.


Two plastic DVD cases with DVDs. One is Truly Me Karaoke and the other is a Grace Thomas movie. Both have silver plastic DVDs with matching covers. DVDs fit into DVD player.

Remote Control[]

Gray plastic remote control with gray, black, and pink faux buttons. Blue sticker serves as faux screen. American Girl logo printed in white at the bottom.


Purple microphone with American Girl logo printed in white on the side. Silver ends and translucent white plastic handle for doll hands.

Cardstock Bins[]

Two cardboard bins to store items. Bins fit on shelves. They have different patterns on each side of the bins. One is purple polka dots, another is blue stripes, another is green and white swirls, and the last side is a pink, purple, green, and blue chevron pattern on a white background.

3D Glasses[]

Two sets of cardboard glasses with pink and purple stripes on the outside. Gray lenses.

Door Inserts[]

Two inserts for console cabinet doors. One side has a light blue background with white floral designs. The other side has a mirrored gray background with purple circles and swirls.

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