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Mrs. Hawkins is the cook in Samantha Parkington's home in Mount Bedford.

Personality and Facts[]

Mrs. Hawkins is the cook at Samantha's home in Mount Bedford and married to Hawkins. She is a kind, older woman who comforts Samantha and lets her come into the kitchen often for treats she saves and to talk, calling Samantha "love."

In The Books[]

Meet Samantha: An American Girl[]

Mrs. Hawkins is first seen after Jessie has left. Samantha runs into the kitchen upset at Jessie's sudden and unexpected departure, and Mrs. Hawkins does not appear surprised to see her as she is often there to talk and have treats. She says that Samantha "looks like thunder." When Samantha says that Jessie has left, Mrs. Hawkins says that she knows and that Sam shouldn't fret about it as it's something she doesn't understand; her Grandmary knows best. Upset, Sam leaves the kitchen.

Samantha asked her where babies came from and Mrs. Hawkins told her that the stork brings them, but then wouldn't talk about it anymore.

When Nellie O'Malley is sent away by the Rylands, Sam runs to the kitchen and explains to Mrs. Hawkins that her family doesn't have enough food, and that they have to give her something. Mrs. Hawkins packs a basket of food for the family and Samantha carries it and Lydia back to give to Nellie. Mrs. Hawkins notices, as she later tells Uncle Gard what happened and he tells Grandmary.

Samantha's Surprise: A Christmas Story[]

Happy Birthday, Samantha!: A Springtime Story[]

Mrs. Hawkins serves blueberry muffins to Samantha and Agnes and Agatha Pitt. She is asked to make petits-fours rather than one large cake by Agnes and Agatha.

Samantha Saves the Day[]

Mrs. Hawkins is present; she is stated to give the girls sandwiches for their pack baskets before they go exploring. She also lets Samantha, Agnes, and Agatha help make bread on the rainy day.

The Cry of the Loon[]

The Lilac Tunnel: My Journey with Samantha[]

Samantha: The Gift[]

Mrs. Hawkins comes out to set down milk bottles for the milkman to take away and spots Samantha, asking what she is doing out so early. When Samantha remarks on Nellie O'Malley (though she does not yet know her name) and how small she is to be working, Mrs. Hawkins says that the girl is probably used to hard work and that not every child is fortunate as Samantha before she goes back inside.

Samantha: An American Girl Holiday[]