Mr. Moore is Courtney Moore's father, whom she calls "Dad."

Facts and Personality

Mr. Moore is a software engineer. He and Maureen divorced when Courtney was two years old. Regardless, they get along and he has partial custody of Courtney.

On the weekends they spent together he would take her bowling, play video games, help her with her homework, and let her have Friday-night sleepovers with Sarah Barrett. Every Saturday morning he would make homemade waffles in a waffle iron. Sometimes he adds blueberries or chocolate chips, and there is whipped cream in a can as well. Courtney says waffles are the best thing he cooks--and about the only thing he cooks.[2] However, a month ago he has gotten a new job in Bellington[3], three hundred miles from Orange Valley, where he relocates; this means Courtney will only see him monthly instead of every weekend.

Mr. Moore drives a red Camaro, and finds it impossible to drive without music playing.

In The Books

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  1. First name is not yet stated.
  2. Informational pamphlet that comes with bedroom items in Courtney's Collection.
  3. A fictional city.
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