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Molly Saves the Day is the fifth book in the Molly series. It is now included in Stars, Stripes and Surprises.



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Chapter by Chapter Summary[]

Chapter One: Camp Gowonagin[]

Chapter Two: We're in the Army Now[]

Chapter Three: Creepy Crawlies[]

Chapter Four: Victory at Sea[]

Chapter Five: The Pink Army[]

Looking Back: America Outdoors in 1944[]

Discuses how people spent time outdoors or summers during World War Two. Topics include:

  • The inability for most families to take family vacations due to the war; not only were men away in service, but women and teens had jobs and there were limitations on travel due to fuel rationing (and it was considered unpatriotic to take unnecessary trips).
  • How many children instead went to summer camps alone in large parks and studied nature and the outdoors.
  • The various wilderness survival skills children learned in summer camps such as fire starting and foraging; these skills were not directly needed, as camps had amenities such as cooks and counselors overwatching them, so the activities were learned for fun.
  • The schedules and activities for camps, including lessons on first aid, water safety, nutrition, arts and crafts, and physical activities.
  • The patriotic themes intertwined in camp life such as daily flag ceremonies and living similar to soldiers, including military terms such as "mess hall" and "latrine."
  • How, while children were at camp, most adults were hard at work in factories (with little environmental concern at the time)
  • The inclusion of Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and the Red Cross in camp life and how campers learned to care for the environment for the future.

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  • While all of Molly's family and Gladys Gilford are shown in the front pages only Molly, Susan, and Linda are included in the story.


  1. Molly's letter is dated July 6th at the end of Chapter Five. The girls are at camp for two weeks. Furthermore, Molly references D-Day as recent, which happened in June 1944.