Molly Saves the Day is the fifth book in the Molly series.



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Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Camp Gowonagin

Chapter Two: We're in the Army Now

Chapter Three: Creepy Crawlies

Chapter Four: Victory at Sea

Chapter Five: The Pink Army

Looking Back: America Outdoors in 1944

Discuses how people spent time outdoors during World War Two. Topics include:

  • The lack of family vacations due to the war.
  • The various wilderness survival skills children learned in summer camps.
  • How and where children lived in summer camp.
  • What counselors taught campers, from swimming to first aid.
  • How summer camps remained patriotic during the war.
  • How life in the military--specifically, the U.S. Navy--was similar to camp life.
  • What adults did during the summer, and what Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts taught other children.

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  1. Molly's letter at the end of Chapter 5.
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