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The Molly McIntire doll (Classic/2022 Meet).

The Molly McIntire doll was released in 1986, along with Kirsten Larson and Samantha Parkington. They were American Girl's first three Historical Characters. Molly was retired along with Emily Bennett in 2013. Molly was rereleased for BeForever in 2018 exclusively via Costco with the set briefly sold on American Girl's site in 2019. A Special Edition version was released for the 35th anniversary in 2021, and a relaunch was rereleased in 2022.

Molly Doll

  • Face Mold: Classic Mold
  • Skin: Light
  • Hair: Light Brown, straight, bangs, comes styled in two pigtail braids.
  • Eyes: Grey

Meet Outfit

Classic/Rerelease Meet Outfit

The Molly doll in 2022 Meet Outfit with Molly: A Winning Spirit .

Molly's meet outfit reflects the need for versatility in one's wardrobe during the World War II era, when clothing restrictions were in place and by necessity, outfits needed more versatility than before and had to mix and match more than prior eras.

The same outfit, with minimal and slight modifications, was rereleased in 2022.


Wool knit long sleeved pull over sweater. Raglan sleeves. Majority of sweater is of navy blue knit; front has a navy blue, red, and green argyle pattern.


Navy blue wool A-line skirt. Four panel, center and side seams with waistband. Velcro closure at center back.


White dickey. Rounded "Peter Pan" collar has blue rickrack trim.


White knit ankle socks.


The Molly doll in Classic Meet Outfit with Meet Molly.

Black plastic Mary Jane style slip-on shoes. Her shoes are identical to Samantha's Classic meet shoes and Nellie's.

Hair Ribbons

Two red satin ribbons. These come tied on the ends of the doll's braids.


Silver metal glasses with round frames. They come in a red soft slipcase with a white elastic loop to fit around doll's wrist.

The glasses were modified twice. The first change in the late 1990s was to the arms; rather than curving down like more authentic glasses, they became straight. The second change in the mid 2000s was to the shape of the frames, which were made more oval and no longer perfectly circular.


White cotton bloomer style underwear; these are similar to Samantha's bloomers and later Nellie and Emily.

BeForever Outfit

Molly in BeForever meet outfit and accessories with A Winning Spirit.

Molly for BeForever was released in a new meet outfit. This set was exclusively available through Costco in 2018. The set included the doll, accessories, Molly's Write to Sleep Pajamas, and her first book (A Winning Spirit) for $119. The full set was later briefly sold on American Girl's site in 2019 for $125.

The new meet outfit alone was briefly sold as Molly's Outfit for 18" Dolls in 2020. It had a listed retail price of $36 and a sale price of $28.


Dark blue sweater with red buttons in the front and a blue ribbon at the top of the collar. The buttons are non-functional; the sweater closes in the back with velcro. Sweater also features an argyle pattern in the knitting on the front, with white showing through the holes.


Navy, red, and white plaid skirt. Skirt has pleats in the front.


White ankle socks.


Red and white saddle shoes with red laces. Light brown rubber soles.


Two red satin ribbons. These come tied on the ends of the doll's braids.


Brown plastic glasses with round frames.


Plain white elastic panties. These are similar to the ones for Maryellen and Melody.

Meet Accessories

Classic/2022 Meet Accessories

Molly's 2022 Meet Accessories.


Navy wool beret. Elastic band.


Shiny red vinyl strapped purse. Closes with snap on outer flap. Felt trim.

Embroidered Handkerchief

White cotton handkerchief. Edges trimmed in red. Molly's name is monogrammed in red in a corner.

Steel Penny

Molly's Classic Meet Accessories.

Replica 1943 steel penny. Originally, this was an authentic coin and was later replaced with the replica.

Silver Locket

Silver heart-shaped locket on a matching chain. Interior has slot for space for inserting picture. Front has heart and flower engraved on it.

The 2022 locket does not open.


Paper insert that had a small, black-and-white heart-shaped image of James McIntire and text:

Molly's father was a doctor who was far away during World War Two, caring for wounded soldiers. While he was gone, Molly wore his picture in her silver locket. Cut out Dad's picture and glue it inside the heart of Molly's locket. It's a special treasure for Molly and a keepsake for you from The American Girls Collection.

This was not part of the 2022 rerelease as the locket no longer opens to insert a picture.


Added as part of the 2022 rerelease.


Added as part of the 2022 rerelease.

BeForever Meet Accessories

These were exclusively available in the Costco Bundle.


Red wool beret with elastic band.


Red vinyl bag with long vinyl strap. The vinyl is matte rather than shiny (unlike Molly's Classic purse). It has a faux snap on the front of the bag, but actually closes with velcro. Fabric trim.


Two contemporary-styled[1] $US one-dollar bills.


Silver heart-shaped locket on a matching chain. The locket has a design on the front with the Great Seal of the United States.

35th Anniversary Edition

35th Anniversary Edition.

For American Girl's 35th Anniversary, Molly was rereleased as a limited edition bundle. The bundle includes the doll in the Classic Meet Outfit with thin eyebrows, Classic meet accessories, the first edition parchment style of Meet Molly (illustrations by Nick Backes), and an older-style box (modified with visibility window) for a total cost of $150. This bundle sold out in August 2021.

Unlike standard dolls sold at this time, Molly has neck strings. Notably, the locket does not open and is a solid charm; this means that no picture of Dr. McIntire is included. The necklace has the same flower pattern as the original locket, not the BeForever necklace's Great Seal of the United States.

One of a Kind Edition

One of a Kind Molly.

A one-of a kind Molly, designed by Carly Cushie, was auctioned from September 23 to 26th, with all proceeds donated to Girls Who Code. The auction initial starting price was $300 and final auction price was $2,938.88.

The doll was dressed in a blue and white color block ponte jersey jumpsuit with red trims, a red scrunchie (with her hair up in a single ponytail), the Bright Red Sunglasses, and the shoes from Joss's Cheer Competition Outfit. She also came with her BeForever red vinyl purse.

Dress Like Your Doll

Sporty Separates.

The matching outfit for children was available, with the first three being part of the Sporty Separates:

  • Blouse: $26
  • Skirt: $30
The above two were also sold together for $70.
  • Sweater: $30 (later $36 and $40)
  • Sterling Locket: $20
  • French Beret: $10 (also available in red and white)
  • Navy Knee Socks: $8 (also available in red and white)
  • Saddle Shoes (Blue and White Only): $30

The components were retired around 2000.

Mini Dolls

A Molly mini doll has been available since the debut of mini dolls in 1995. There are five versions with her meet outfit: the Pleasant Company mini doll, the Mattel mini doll, the 2016 Classic Meet doll, the BeForever mini doll, and Courtney Moore's mini doll. The 2016 doll was a limited run re-release with the newer face mold and plastic body; the style was reused for Courtney's doll. Her BeForever doll was released in early 2018 and remains available.

Courtney's Pleasant Company Doll.

In 2020, Courtney's Collection released Courtney's Pleasant Company Doll, designed to mimic the Molly doll in the classic 1986 style packaging. Her story states that Courtney relates to Molly, whose father is away like Courtney's.

Pre-Mattel, Mattel, White-Bodied Doll, and BeForever Differences

  • White bodied Molly dolls have a white muslin cloth body; all other Molly dolls have matching cloth bodies.
  • The eyes are more grey hued in a White-body Molly.
  • BeForever Molly dolls have feathered-styled eyebrows while older versions (and the 35th anniversary edition) have the thinner line brows.


  • In the books, Molly is described as having brown eyes, but the doll was given grey eyes. The same thing happened with the Ruthie Smithens doll. No official reason was given for the discrepancy; however, it can be assumed that this was to further differentiate Molly from Samantha at the start of the line, as both dolls share a similar hair color and the same face mold.
  • Authentically, Molly's underwear would have likely had corded ties on the side to hold them up, as rubber (and thus elastic) was being reserved for war materials. However, like most modifications to doll items, the elastic makes for ease.


  1. In 1957 In God We Trust was added to the back of the bill and a floral border design was added to the front of the bill in 1963, features that would not have been on extant bills of the era.