Molly's School Bag and Supplies.

Molly's School Bag and Supplies (also known as Molly's Schoolbag Set) was introduced to Molly's Collection in 1986 and retired in 2013 with Molly's archival. They are associated with the book Molly Learns a Lesson. Retail cost was $28.


Red canvas school bag. Smaller pocket in front. Black handle, piping, and straps. Paper name plate with "Molly McIntire." Black shoulder strap and handle.


Black three-ring binder with authentic sheets of paper inside.


Blue canvas pencil case


Square pink functional rubber eraser.


Two red functional pencils.

Flash Cards

Pack of multiplication flash cards.


Green English book with a blue picture of a child in the upper-left hand corner. Blue text: "Gaining Skill with Words." Thirty-two pages. Authentic pictures and exercises.

Report Card

Molly's report card. Subject listed on the left side. Grades in red print.

Dress Like Your Doll


Plaid Book Bag and Umbrella.

A children's-sized book bag, the Plaid Book Bag, was sold for $28. The bag could be worn as a shoulder bag or backpack. The bag came with a ruler, pencil, and ID card as well as slots inside to hold them.

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