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Molly's Puppy Tale is part of the Short Stories collections, focusing on Molly McIntire. Retail cost was $4.95.


Story Summary[]

Meet The Author[]

The "Meet The Author" section discusses Valerie Tripp's dog, Sunday, and relates to how frisky he is, just like Molly's dog, Bennett.

Looking Back: Dogs in 1944[]

Discusses the role of dogs during World War II. Topics covered:

  • Lassie, a famous fictional dog best known in the film Lassie Come Home
  • The US military's use of dogs during World War II
  • The origins of military dogs as family pets
  • Certain criteria military dogs had to meet, such as weight, height, and age
  • German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Dalmatians as common military dogs
  • Basic and advanced dog training in the military, with teaching dogs not to fear gunfire being the most important
  • The use of positive reinforcement and experienced dogs to train new canine recruits
  • Sentry dogs and scouts used to patrol for enemies
  • The use of messenger dogs to convey vital information or get help from the command post
  • Rescue dogs used to reach wounded soldiers, and pack dogs to deliver medical supplies
  • Training volunteer dogs used in the military to return to civilian life following the end of World War II

Activity: Make Dog Treats[]

The Activity explains how to make waffle-shaped dog biscuits.

Items Associated with Molly's Puppy Tale[]



Magazine Illustration of Molly showing a unique dress.

  • In American Girl Magazine, Molly is illustrated in a unique pink print dress. This was changed in the illustrations when the story was republished as a short story volume and tied to Molly's Victory Garden Dress.


  1. The story takes place in May; Molly's birthday is in April.