Molly's Puppy Tale is part of the Short Stories collections, focusing on Molly McIntire.


Story Summary

Meet The Author

The "Meet The Author" section discusses Valerie Tripp's dog, Sunday, and relates to how frisky he is, just like Molly's dog, Bennett.

Looking Back: Dogs in 1944

Discusses the role of dogs during World War II. Topics covered:

  • Lassie, a famous fictional dog best known in the film Lassie Come Home
  • The US military's use of dogs during World War II
  • The origins of military dogs as family pets
  • Certain criteria military dogs had to meet, such as weight, height, and age
  • German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Dalmatians as common military dogs
  • Basic and advanced dog training in the military, with teaching dogs not to fear gunfire being the most important
  • The use of positive reinforcement and experienced dogs to train new canine recruits
  • Sentry dogs and scouts used to patrol for enemies
  • The use of messenger dogs to convey vital information or get help from the command post
  • Rescue dogs used to reach wounded soldiers, and pack dogs to deliver medical supplies
  • Training volunteer dogs used in the military to return to civilian life following the end of World War II

Activity: Make Dog Treats

The Activity explains how to make waffle-shaped dog biscuits.

Items Associated with Molly's Puppy Tale



Magazine Illustration of Molly showing a unique dress.

  • In American Girl Magazine, Molly is illustrated in a unique pink print dress. This was changed in the illustrations when the story was republished as a short story volume and tied to Molly's Victory Garden Dress.


  1. The story takes place in May; Molly's birthday is in April.
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